Acupuncture will release the body's own healing energy

Qi is the body's own motivating energy to begin the process of restoring balance and healing to the body. The science of acupuncture has been proven for over 2600 years.

How does an acupuncture treatment work?

Acupuncture usually uses fine needles to be inserted into some certain points in the body. The needles are commonly left in that area for certain period of time, from several minutes to an hour. You do not have to worry about the needles. The needles are very fine. If the acupuncture is done by professional, you will not feel any pain when the needles are inserted to your body.

It is important to take acupuncture treatment from a licensed acupuncture experts. The needles used in this treatment are usually disposible. This is one of the requirement given by the FDA in order to keep the acupuncture treatment safe for human's body. Before inserting the needles, the doctors have to swab some disinfectants to your skin in order to prevent any microbial contamination to your skin. It is important to avoid any infections that may occur to your body when the sterilization process is not adequate. When the process is done properly, this acupuncture treatment is commonly free from the negative side effects. Therefore, you should not worry at all about this treatment.

In order to solve your back pain problems, your doctors will treat your back pain with acupuncture treatment at the local site and distal site. Many people do not realize that they need to insert the acupuncture needles at the distal points, which are away from the pain area. Distal points are very effective to help you to solve the back pain, especially if you have acute back pain. Most of the time, some needles will be placed in some certain areas on your back. As the result, you will get quick and excellent back pain relief.